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ZipDriven Will Change Your Marketing Forever

We started Showroom Logic 6 years ago with the purpose of helping auto dealers be successful with digital marketing. Because the digital marketing landscape changes so quickly, we remain committed to constantly elevating our own expertise and bringing tools and technology to the marketplace that help our customers stay ahead of the competition.

Last year, we put our focus into optimizing the post-click customer experience by building Dynamic Conversion Pages, conversion rich vehicle detail pages, and Boost., a real-time payment display that helps your ads capture the payment-driven shopper. These products improve a dealership’s marketing ROI by increasing conversion rate.

Earlier this year, we put a huge focus into helping our clients create a sound digital strategy based on their CURRENT market and dealership goals. Now, months later, I am excited to announce the result of this focus and latest addition to our product suite, ZipDriven.

ZipDriven exists to help dealerships quickly identify the biggest opportunities in their market, to sell more cars. It makes it easier than ever before to create a digital strategy based on business strategy. Until now, there has been a large gap between the two.

At it’s core, ZipDriven has a backbone of sales and registration data that has been imported into databases that allow for super-fast computing. On top of this is a fast and sexy web application that allows a dealership to slice and dice the data in a way that is extremely actionable. With tools like the Model Scorecard (seen below), dealers get a visual representation of where the biggest opportunities in their market are.


From here, dealers can easily drill-down on a specific model to see how they are performing in their market, including rank against competing dealerships, insight into off-brand vehicle sales of the same body style, and my favorite: zip code market share.


Zip code market share is where the digital plan comes to life. For our clients, they are able to quickly see the specific zip codes where they are historically losing sales. By focusing digital marketing efforts on these zip codes, dealers are able to increase their saturation in places that are proven to be more successful. This plan can then be executed with our award-winning AdLogic digital marketing platform.

Through feedback from our dealers, we also decided to allow it to be offered as a standalone product. This data is helpful for inventory planning, sales comps, BDCs, customer loyalty programs, and more. So, whether you are bridging the gap between your sales goals and your digital marketing strategy or simply want to know how and where to spend your marketing dollars more efficiently, you will have a tool that allows you to continually measure and adjust your strategies and tactics.

Our first release, which focuses on new cars, is only the beginning. In the weeks to come, we’ll be adding a used car component, to quickly see where potential customers are for the used cars you have in stock. In addition, we are working on partnerships with other providers to make the data even more actionable.

As part of our launch, we want everyone to get an idea of how insightful and easy to use this tool is by offering free reports.

Ready to move forward? Click here to signup for your login of ZipDriven today.

Patrick Bennett, Founder & CPO
Patrick Bennett founded Showroom Logic in 2009. His industry-revolutionizing AdLogic and ZipDriven platforms have set the standard for innovation in automotive digital marketing. In his dual role as Founder and Chief Product Officer, Patrick’s love of marketing and technology have helped him create consumer-oriented solutions that solve real problems. He has been a guest speaker at several Universities, as well as at several popular marketing events, including SMX, Digital Dealer, & Driving Sales.