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Your Digital Battle Plan: Are you prepared to win?

Showroom Logic gives ZipDriven its first major enhancement.
Showroom Logic has significantly enhanced the capabilities of ZipDriven, our zip code-based market share analysis tool, with custom markets. Now, you can easily define a market area by including the specific zip codes that matter most to your dealership. This helps you focus your time and efforts developing your digital marketing battle plan. You can even set your custom market to conform to your OEM-designated PMA / AOI so you can concentrate on hitting your incentive plans.

ZipDriven Custom Markets 2

Looking ahead: Tighter margins, more competition.
2015 was a banner year for automotive retail. It looks like the SAAR is going to come in at a record 17.5 million units for 2015. However, not everything is quite so rosy. The SAAR had been clipping along at 18 Million plus from August through November, but December saw the SAAR slow down to 17.3 Million. It looks like inventories are growing and so are incentives. On the used car front, there are many online start-ups capturing sales and the imagination of the consumer.

This means one thing for automotive retailers: there’s going to be pressure on margins and the competition is going to get really tough in 2016.

Digital Advertising (Paid Search and Display Advertising) is now more critical to your success than ever.
Today’s battlefield for the consumer is in the digital space. There’s no doubt about it. The Automotive sector will spend $7.3 Billion in digital advertising in 2015 and it is predicted to grow to $12.08 Billion by 2019.

It used to be that if you had your web site up and running, bought third party leads, and participated on your OEM programs, you were well ahead of your competition. Today, everybody’s there with you. Folks like the big consolidators are bringing teams of highly qualified management with specific marketing and analytics disciplines to the market. The bar has been raised.

How are you going to win?

You need a digital marketing battle plan that will show you where to spend your digital marketing dollars (paid search and display advertising) to actually make a difference. Using Showroom Logic’s ZipDriven technology, you can see your market share by zip code and model. Using the custom markets tool, you will see exactly where you are losing market share to competitors. You can use this information to create a digital battle plan for your dealership – paid search campaigns designed to promote specific vehicles and attack specific competitors in each zip code. ZipDriven then helps you measure the advertising impact on your market share over time.

ZipDriven’s user interface is extremely intuitive and designed to surface opportunities directly to you. You don’t need to hire a team of analysts, or find someone who is an expert in Excel to find the nuggets of information that will lead you to making smart decisions. ZipDriven, combined with Showroom Logic’s AdLogic platform that manages a dealership’s digital marketing campaigns, lets you get down to the zip code and model level, and empowers you to compete with all comers.

This is truly a game changer for your dealership. While other companies are paying teams of analysts to figure this out, for $79 a month you can have a tool that YOU can use to develop a digital marketing game plan by zip code and model.

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Mark Taylor, Vice President of Business Development
At Showroom Logic, Mark is responsible for acquiring and managing strategic partnerships with the Automotive Manufacturers (OEMs). In addition, Mark identifies and manages strategic partnerships within the automotive marketing industry.

Prior to Showroom Logic, Mark spent over 15 years with AutoNation, the largest Automotive Retailer in the US. During his tenure there, Mark headed up Business Development, where he worked to identify, negotiate, implement and manage AutoNation’s online strategic partnerships, as well as manage OEM relationships in the digital marketing area. Mark was also responsible for leading AutoNation’s SEM program.