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Your SEM Partner Should Be More Transparent

Honesty, Trust, Accountability, or in other words, “Transparency, Transparency, Transparency.”

Needless to say, transparency is highly valued when choosing a business partner because it promotes honesty, trust and accountability between both parties. I am proud to say that Showroom Logic’s commitment to transparency has been a core value since the very beginning, and we have held ourselves to a higher standard because of it. What we can’t say is that all SEM companies are the same. The difference is significant.

Here are 4 ways that Showroom Logic promotes transparency, and if your SEM partner isn’t doing the same, you may want to ask them why:

  1. Providing Access & Ownership to Advertising Network Accounts
    This means not only providing access to AdWords and Bing, but also letting you OWN the account, and here’s why: Benchmarking and Ramp Up. Access is great – and needed – while working with your provider. It gives you insight into your advertising and helps you hold your partner accountable. But if you decided to move to a new partner, will you keep ownership of that account, or does it stay with your current provider? Starting fresh may feel like a good thing, but it has its drawbacks. You need your historical data to benchmark against so you can easily determine if your new provider is meeting or exceeding your prior performance. Without it, it’s nearly impossible for you OR your new provider to do an apples to apples (or really, ANY) comparison. As they say, “Those who are unaware of history are destined to repeat it.” Access to your Google AdWords & Bing accounts provide your new partner with data and insights that should help them see where you may have been doing well and which areas need improvement. This helps them more quickly determine how to improve your account performance. Of course, your previous partner most likely supplied reporting that you can share with a new provider, and this definitely will be helpful to them. These reports, however, simply cannot provide the same level of data and account history that is stored within the accounts themselves.
  1. Providing Access & Ownership to Your Google Analytics Account
    Similar to your campaign data in each network, Google Analytics provides further details about what is happening post-click. This is valuable information to have access to when you’re working with your SEM partner AND after, if you should part ways. The best way to spot opportunities and trends is by analyzing data over time. Arguably, you may have analytics data supplied by your website provider or other vendors, but the source of the data and how they handle attribution may vary, which can cause confusion when measuring against industry benchmarks. Using a reputable 3rd Party, like Google Analytics, allows you to get unbiased data so you can consistently measure all of your online advertising sources. What percentage of your website traffic is attributed to PPC compared with your previous provider? How did this year’s campaign for your annual sale compare to last year’s? Did it drive more or less traffic? More or less goal completions? More or less unique visitors? These are questions that you or your new SEM partner will be able to answer if you are armed with your historical data from your Google Analytics account.
  1. No Hidden Fees
    Showroom Logic has always offered Flat-Fee Pricing with no CPC Surcharges. This goes hand-in-hand with our decision to give access and ownership of all network accounts to our clients because it lets our clients see where every penny of their budget is being spent. You may be paying a flat fee to your provider every month, but do you have access to know how much of the total invoice is going towards your advertising campaigns, and how much is going in your provider’s pocket for management fees or CPC surcharges?
  1. Network Certified Professionals
    There are many, many companies – thousands, in fact – that advertise themselves as a Google or Bing certified partner. But besides their badge, it’s important to understand if the folks managing the accounts are individually certified as well. At Showroom Logic, each of our Client Success and Product Support team members are Google AdWords & Bing Ads certified.

From a very young age, it was instilled in me that it was not just ok, but actually encouraged, to be different, to be unique, and perhaps even a little bit weird. Maybe that’s what drew me to Showroom Logic. We’ve always set ourselves apart in the industry, from our model that’s laser focused in automotive SEM to our commitment to transparency. That commitment is one of the many reasons we were named 2015 Google Customer Satisfaction Champion. Having a transparent relationship with our clients goes beyond trust; it’s good business.

Danielle Reyes, Senior Director of Client Services
Danielle entered the automotive industry in 2009 as a customer consultant for an independent dealership in Tampa, FL, where she developed an acute understanding of dealer needs, their advertising strategies, and the increasing importance of a strong online presence. As a Google AdWords Certified Partner & Bing Ads Accredited Professional, she also brings an extensive knowledge of Paid Search & consumer behavior in the automotive world. And with nearly 10 years of customer service experience, Danielle has helped to build and develop the Service & Support team at Showroom Logic, first as the Director of Client Services & now as the Director of Strategic Implementation. She always works diligently to ensure an outstanding client experience from setup to support.