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What Every Dealer Should Know About Their Marketing

Data-Driven Marketing Is on Your Doorstep

There are four basic questions dealers should ask themselves about their marketing:

  1. Where is your market share strongest?
  2. Where are your core models selling the best in your market?
  3. Where are competitive makes or models exceeding sales expectations in your backyard?
  4. Where should I focus my marketing to gain market share?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then it’s time for you grab your dealership’s free ZipDriven Lite report.

ZipDriven Lite.

We just introduced ZipDriven Lite – a free version of our flagship ZipDriven platform – at a critical time for automotive. It’s now more important than ever for dealers to use data to drive intelligent marketing decisions. The car market is showing strong signs of a slowdown, with most manufacturers seeing a decline after six years of a boom market (see the September 2016 retail sales chart from WardsAuto below).

In order to stay ahead of other dealers during this downturn, you need to take the guesswork out of your marketing and use data to develop plans that go after your competition and grow your piece of the proverbial pie.

Understanding where to spend your precious marketing dollars is imperative to outperforming your competition. Developing targeted marketing plans on core models and segments will help you maintain and grow your current market share because it will allow you to find in-market prospects at a fraction of the cost of other dealers. As your competitors continue to waste money advertising in areas where they never sell cars, you’ll be increasing your market share with a precision-targeted approach.

Data-Driven Marketing: Not Just for OEMs

OEMs absorb huge amounts of data to help drive their marketing. They don’t just use their gut to guess where they should spend their precious marketing dollars. They make decisions based on campaign performance and ROI. Tier 3 is beginning to follow suit: The top publicly-traded dealer groups are using tools like ZipDriven to drive marketing strategies for their regional and dealership marketing. And, data-driven marketing isn’t just for the big guys. Dealers of all sizes – including your competitor down the street – are beginning to use data to create laser-focused digital marketing campaigns.

ZipDriven Lite Model Scorecard.

In many cities across America, local car dealers are the largest businesses in town. Through their own efforts, better technology and improved support from the OEM, dealers have become even more sophisticated over the last decade. However, there is still a lot of room to grow on the marketing front. With technology finally catching up to the data that is available, dealers of all sizes are now able to take advantage of analytics to grow market share.

For the last year, ZipDriven has been redefining how dealers market their inventory. These data-driven insights are too valuable to keep to ourselves. That’s why we created ZipDriven Lite. While not as comprehensive as ZipDriven Pro (previously ZipDriven), it provides dealers with some important information about their performance that they may have never seen before.

Your free ZipDriven Lite account gives you insight into how your sales compare to the rest of your market and where you should focus to your marketing. You can access your dealership’s market rank for all new vehicles, see top competitors, and find conquest opportunities for each model. With this market knowledge at your fingertips, you can create a digital battle plan for your dealership that truly grows market share.

ZipDriven Lite is available to dealers in states where market registration data is available. You can access your dealership’s free account here. Get yours today. It will help you answer the basic questions I asked at the beginning of this post and put your dealership on the path to having more effective, data-driven marketing.

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Neal Gann, CEO
Neal Gann brings over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, and his expertise in marketing, product development, sales and operations have made him one of the best in the vertical. A strategic thinker with a sharp eye for new ideas, Neal is dedicated to growing Showroom Logic through his collaborative leadership style and relentless drive for success. And with his strong roots in creating and optimizing online marketing programs for some of the most successful dealerships in the auto industry, Neal is able to challenge the status quo and lead the way towards innovation.