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Showroom Logic Releases ZipDriven, Actionable Data to Help Dealerships Take Market Share.

New Market Share Optimization Technology Unveiled at Digital Dealer 19 in Las Vegas.

LAS VEGAS – Showroom Logic announces the release of ZipDriven, a new technology platform that helps dealerships understand their market share for each model. This highly actionable technology platform lets dealers immediately deploy their advertising budget more effectively by focusing their efforts on vehicles and zip codes that drive profitability, or have the most strategic importance to the dealership.

ZipDriven was introduced to the public during the Digital Dealer Conference in Las Vegas on October 5, 2015. Showroom Logic will continue conducting live demos in their booth (#223) using dealers’ actual market share data.

“Dealerships have access to several OEM and third-party data sources, but none of it is actionable”, said Neal Gann, CEO of Showroom Logic. “ZipDriven is truly a breakthrough because, within seconds, Dealer Principals, General Managers and Sales Managers know which vehicles to target – by zip code – and which competitors are standing in their way.”

ZipDriven was designed by Showroom Logic Founder and Chief Product Officer Patrick Bennett, whose AdLogic platform revolutionized automotive digital marketing when it was introduced in 2012. “Traditionally, there has been a pretty wide gap between this kind of data and a dealer’s marketing strategy”, said Bennett. “This gives them the ability to see where they are losing vehicle sales to competitors, and direct their digital marketing budget toward what they really want, which is to take market share.”

ZipDriven will initially be available with new car sales data, and will quickly be expanded to include lease and used car sales. It will be scaled to include additional data platforms to give dealers even more insight into market share and digital marketing opportunities. Finally, it will include market share opportunity data to help dealers in states where vehicle sales data is not available for legal reasons.

Dealers not attending Digital Dealer 19 can try ZipDriven by running a free report for one of their models at http://www.ZipDriven.com. It can be purchased for $199 per month, with the price increasing to $499 per month on February 1, 2016.

About Showroom Logic

Showroom Logic is an innovative digital marketing technology company driven by its proprietary AdLogic and ZipDriven platforms. With deep roots in the automotive industry, their technology has been built from the ground up and allows clients to drive market share through mobile, paid search, display and retargeting. Showroom Logic has premier status as a Google Adwords Premier SMB Partner and a Bing Authorized Reseller. Founded in 2009, Showroom Logic has grown to over 130 employees and works with thousands of car dealers nationwide. For more information, visit https://www.showroomlogic.com or http://www.zipdriven.com.

Rob Monson, Vice President of Marketing
With over 17 years of experience in online and traditional marketing, Rob specializes in building high-performance marketing programs for premier brands. He has held leadership roles in several high-profile organizations, including Golf Channel, 1-800 Contacts and OrangeSoda, and also served as the Vice-President of Marketing at One on One Marketing before finding his home at Showroom Logic. Rob possesses a wide range of strategic and tactical marketing experience, including broad-scale media, branding & positioning, SEM, email marketing, and conversion optimization.

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