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Showroom Logic Now Offering Bing Advertising

After years of success using AdLogic with Google, Showroom Logic has opened up more opportunities for car dealers by offering Bing advertising.

Bing It On!

We couldn’t help to notice that conversion rates from Bing have always been very impressive, and after our Bing Ads Partner Summit last week we are excited to move forward.

We learned a lot during our visit to Microsoft Headquarters, and here are a few things that I liked:

  • As of April 2013, Bing has a market share of 17.3% (Google has 66.5%).
  • 32% of unique searchers in the US never visit Google and 1/3 of Yahoo/Bing Users never use Google
  • Noted Microsoft Partners: Facebook, Amazon.com, HP, Nokia, Web MD, Apple, The Wall Street Journal & AT&T.

Bing is also working on some new features like “click to call” with Skype. I think this will be a great feature for mobile so we can track phone calls better in the car industry.

We are still huge Google fans, but we cannot ignore other opportunities. If you’re curious about the quality of Bing, try the Bing Challenge.

Rob Monson, Vice President of Marketing
With over 17 years of experience in online and traditional marketing, Rob specializes in building high-performance marketing programs for premier brands. He has held leadership roles in several high-profile organizations, including Golf Channel, 1-800 Contacts and OrangeSoda, and also served as the Vice-President of Marketing at One on One Marketing before finding his home at Showroom Logic. Rob possesses a wide range of strategic and tactical marketing experience, including broad-scale media, branding & positioning, SEM, email marketing, and conversion optimization.

Hobbies: Football, basketball, skateboarding, family, reading