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Is Your Digital Battle Plan Working?

If you are like most digital marketers in automotive, you are well aware of the complex and ever-changing challenges that we face. We live in a world dominated by technology that continues to evolve, expand and diversify. Keeping pace with what can be done is hard enough, not to mention keeping pace with how to actually use what is new.

Unfortunately, this is overwhelming for most of us and we sometimes have a tendency enter into digital atrophy: We find our comfort zone, sticking with what gets results now. Whether it is done on purpose not, we sometimes put on blinders to everything else. This may be an acceptable response until that strategy is trumped by new and better strategies fueled by improved technology and used by your competitors. What was once a cutting-edge method for driving shoppers to your dealership website and lot is now mediocre at best. If you’re wearing blinders, knowingly or not, you won’t realize you’ve been beaten until it’s too late.

To help you avoid digital atrophy, we have identified some fundamental questions to ask yourself and other members of your team. Your answers to these questions will help you build a self-evident digital battle plan for SEM that keeps one step ahead of the competition.

Industry and Competitor Intelligence

  • Do you know your market share by zip code for your most profitable models?
  • Do you know which dealerships pose the biggest threat to your market share for each vehicle?
  • Do you know which dealerships you need to overtake to increase your market share for each vehicle?

Digital Capability

  • Do you have complete ownership of your various advertising accounts such as Google and Bing, even if they are managed by a third-party?
  • Do you have complete visibility and access to these accounts so you can monitor performance improvement?
  • Do your vehicle ads include up-to-date lease and loan payments to capture payment-driven shoppers?
  • Are you able to focus your advertising efforts on specific vehicles, targeting zip codes where you’re losing sales to other dealerships?
  • Can you dynamically generate multiple display ads for every car on your lot?
  • Are you actively managing targeted display campaigns on automotive content websites where your shoppers are doing research?
  • Are your VDPs optimized to convert traffic into shoppers and provide them with tools that help them make purchase decisions?


  • What resources will you use to maintain dynamic VDPs that feature real-time inventory?
  • Who will manage the technology to ensure transparent pricing is accurate on both the ads and VDPs?
  • How will you ensure the proper zip codes are being marketed to for the right vehicles?
  • What measures will you have in place to avoid shotgun marketing tactics?
  • Who on your team will be responsible for staying current on on digital marketing strategies and technology?

Beating the competition is easy once the right people, resources, technology and processes are in place. This is something you can do. If you want a team to supplement your existing efforts, Showroom Logic can help. Our award-winning technologies make it easy.

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Rob Monson, Vice President of Marketing
With over 17 years of experience in online and traditional marketing, Rob specializes in building high-performance marketing programs for premier brands. He has held leadership roles in several high-profile organizations, including Golf Channel, 1-800 Contacts and OrangeSoda, and also served as the Vice-President of Marketing at One on One Marketing before finding his home at Showroom Logic. Rob possesses a wide range of strategic and tactical marketing experience, including broad-scale media, branding & positioning, SEM, email marketing, and conversion optimization.

Hobbies: Football, basketball, skateboarding, family, reading