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Dynamic Conversion Pages Are More Effective Than VDPs

When I hear someone talk about sending paid search traffic directly to their dealership website, I often ask, “How much are you trying to lower your conversion rate?” Why do I say that? Many dealers don’t correlate the direct connection between their conversion rate and their SEM landing pages, but the impact is much greater than you may think.

Most dealership websites, and especially vehicle detail pages (VDPs), are not designed to effectively convert traffic into shoppers (leads) or buyers. Although they may help tell the dealership’s story, share reasons to purchase, or showcase OEM brand attributes, they are normally overloaded with tools, buttons, offers, and seemingly good hooks that only distract and overwhelm the paid search consumer.

Can we agree that the reason for advertising with Google or Bing paid search is ultimately to generate a response from an in-market consumer? Then, why drive quality traffic to your website only to confuse your customer and lose the potential business?

Unlike VDPs, Showroom Logic’s Dynamic Conversion Pages (DCPs) are designed to turn your SEM traffic into the optimal number of quality conversions. That’s because we know that when a consumer clicks on your ad, the landing page they are taken to should provide clear answers to their questions that compel them to either visit your dealership or provide you with their information for follow-up. That’s all. Anything else is merely a distraction that lowers your conversion rate or lessens performance against the goal, which is to drive shoppers to your dealership so you can sell more cars!

Dynamic Conversion Pages are the reason that Showroom Logic received Google’s coveted Innovator Award in 2014. So, don’t just take my word for it.

But do DCPs really work? Let’s look at the results of a test. In a recent before and after comparison using five dealerships from the same OEM, Showroom Logic measured the impact of DCPs over three months and compared it to the previous three-month period when the dealerships were sending paid search traffic to their primary websites. Here are the results:

VDP Results


DCPs overwhelmingly outperformed the dealer sites. But what I found most impressive is that DCPs got a lot more visitors to pick up the phone and call the dealership, putting more qualified leads in the hands of your salespeople. Need I say more?

Gary Marcotte, Board Member
During his 13 year tenure at AutoNation, Inc., Marcotte held executive positions in marketing & operations and spearheaded a number of strategic initiatives that helped the company become America’s largest, automotive retailer. He served as their SVP of Marketing for six years, and was responsible for all marketing, advertising, owner retention, and digital marketing. Earlier in his career, Marcotte helped launch Toyota’s Lexus division, where he developed and implemented the division’s key selling processes. In 1991, he established the industry-changing Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Car program for Toyota.