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Driving Results Through Innovation: The Showroom Logic Way

The only constant is change. While that saying is true about most things, it is particularly true for digital marketing. The SEM landscape has changed more in the past six months than in any previous six-month period. Major changes to AdWords listings on Google search results pages and massive updates to ad formats and bidding modifiers have spurred speculation, panic, and more importantly, opportunity.


What kind of opportunity you ask? The kind that puts money back in your dealership’s pocket.

We pride ourselves on being a technology-first solution for automotive SEM. For us, it’s not just a platitude — it’s in our DNA. Less than two years ago, Showroom Logic was awarded the first-ever Google Innovator award for our AdLogic platform and Dynamic Conversion Pages: results-oriented technology that help dealers’ SEM campaigns perform at their peak. Since then, we haven’t rested on our laurels, by any means.

So what have we done for you lately? Over the past eight months, in the midst of all this unprecedented change, the Showroom Logic engineering and product teams have been slaving maniacally to bring cutting-edge technology solutions to this changing landscape.

Here’s a short list of some of the major innovations we’ve brought to market in 2016:


Introduced in Q4 2015, our cutting-edge Market Share optimization platform uses data to precisely identify model-specific opportunities in your market. Cut waste and increase market share in zip codes where you should be winning sales. Based directly on client feedback, we’ve added several new features and reports in 2016 to help dealers get a more granular, action-oriented view of their market. These include the addition of used car data, in-depth model and zip code analysis reports, the ability to add a dealer’s own inventory to reports, and a host of other new features and functionality.

Zip Driven Conquest

A proprietary network for dealers targeting unique, in-market shoppers that you won’t find on Google or Bing. Using ZipDriven’s advanced targeting technology, we’ve found a way to make conquest affordable and effective for dealers. We’ve also added Conquest Sales reports to the ZipDriven platform to help dealers understand exactly which vehicles – and where – they should conquest to grow profits and market share.

Budget Allocation

This is a robust, behind-the-scenes technology that has been added to our award-winning AdLogic platform. One of the byproducts of an informed and granular strategy is a large number of campaigns to manage. This workload can be crushing for digital marketing companies and most technology solutions fall short because of generic business logic.

Showroom Logic’s Budget Allocation takes the dealership’s goals (leads, costs, conversions, etc) and uses our own demand-prediction technology to create thousands of precise budget changes each day. This ensures that each dealer’s budget is optimally utilized to achieve their marketing goals. This technology, in the hands of our talented, decorated team, finds big opportunities while helping to manage highly-complex and interrelated campaigns.

Bulk Text Ad & Display Ad Tools

Relevancy and timeliness are key factors in ad performance. This suite of tools allows Showroom Logic Client Success Managers to implement specials and offers in increasingly shorter turnaround times. This faster turnaround gets offers into the market on a more timely basis and reinforces the ad messaging used in other marketing channels by the dealership.

Google Expanded Text Ads

In Q2 of this year, Google announced their AdWords product roadmap. This included a major change to the format of their text ads. Known as “Expanded Text Ads”, this new format came out of Google beta just two weeks ago. The AdLogic team has anticipated this update and we are proud to say we are days away from releasing a scaled solution that will make Expanded Text Ads part of the core AdLogic offering.

Assisted Conversions

Released into beta in Q1 of 2016, this feature takes traditional Google Analytics tracking one step further by addressing multi-touch attribution. This was developed with cross domain/sub-domain tracking in mind and provides visibility where traditional solutions like Google Analytics fall short.

Innovation to Serve You

We are committed to driving better results and creating smarter ways to market our clients’ inventory. New platforms such as ZipDriven, and breakthrough enhancements to our legacy AdLogic technology, are helping dealers focus their marketing and save money like never before. (NOTE: you can register here for an all-new, exclusive DrivingSales webinar on 8/18 where we will be highlighting success stories from dealers using ZipDriven) This commitment to technology-driven solutions for automotive is what continues to keep us ahead of the game. And, we’ve only just begun…

Jake Hoopes, Vice President of Product Development
Jake Hoopes has 15 years of industry experience. Starting in the early 2000’s as a web developer for a digital agency, he has grown up in the nitty gritty of paid search since the days of Overture and Google Cash. Jake joined Showroom Logic in 2012 where his technical marketing background has been put to good use with the ongoing development of Showroom Logic’s innovative automotive digital marketing solutions. He has been a guest speaker at several national marketing events, including SMX West, SMX East, and SLCSEM.