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Give Your SEM Some Love: 4 Tactical Tips.
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Give Your SEM Campaigns a Little Love With These 4 Tactical Tips

As the world celebrates Valentine’s Day with chocolates, flowers,…
AdLogic Innovation.

Showroom Logic CEO, Neal Gann, Featured In Google's Inside AdWords Blog

Showroom Logic CEO, Neal Gann, was featured in yesterday's…
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Dealers: Take Advantage of New Google AdWords Features

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile. For years marketers and advertising have…
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Google AdWords Shake-Up Part 2: All Calm, but Watch Out for Displaced Competitors

It’s been just over one week since Google universally rolled…
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Showroom Logic is Miami's Fastest Growing Company

The first two days of December turned out great for Showroom…
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Google Adwords Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary

It’s been 15 years since Google officially launched AdWords,…