A Bing Story - Part 1: Bing? Really?
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A Bing Story – Part 1: Bing? Really?

A Bing Story - Part 1: Bing? Really?This morning I was talking to a dealer about why they should advertise on Bing, only to get the typical response I seem to get over and over:

“Does anyone even use Bing?”
“Bing doesn’t matter compared to Google.”
“Everyone I know uses Google.”
“I’d rather just be on Google.”

I’ve been Bing here before, having the same conversation with dealer after dealer. I suggest Bing, only to have the dealer tell me that they feel more comfortable on Google. Their number one reason is almost always that Google is so much bigger so, therefore, they assume it’s better.

The thing Bing is, that the size of Google vs Bing is actually the number one reason Bing could represent a strategic advantage for your dealership.

Bing Has a Smaller Market Share – And That’s a Good Thing

Why is this an advantage? At first glance, many dealers ask us “why should I advertise on Bing when more people search on Google?” The fact that Bing has a smaller market share is actually one of the biggest reasons you should advertise there.

For those of you that handle, or have handled, traditional marketing decisions, let me give you an example that you may find very relatable:

Do you, or have you ever, advertised on a radio station or tv station you don’t listen to or watch?
Have you ever advertised on a radio station or tv station that isn’t #1 in your market?

The answer to both of those questions is most likely “yes”. In fact, there is a distinct advantage to marketing with some of the smaller radio and tv stations. The #2, #3 and especially the #4 stations (in terms of viewers or listeners) will GIVE YOU A BETTER DEAL on your advertising.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

This is why many dealers (and other advertisers) choose to advertise on smaller tv or radio stations, cable channels, etc. It is not about the size of the audience, but about the ROI you can generate and the exposure you can get for each dollar you spend.

Take advantage of the fact that many advertisers are passing on Bing in favor of Google due to the market share Google has. This means there is far less competition on Bing.

Follow the Logic

Why should paid search be treated any differently? Google is the #1 player with the most reach, and you should keep spending money there.This is undeniable. In fact, unless you have over 90% impression share, I would highly suggest that you DO NOT lower your Google spend, by even one cent, after reading this article. Google is still a great value and probably the most important part of your advertising budget.

However, I would suggest to you that Bing is an even better value. So, I consistently ask the dealers I consult with to figure out how to move a small portion of budget from TrueCar, AutoTrader, Cars.com, TV, or radio and start reaching auto intenders on Bing (most of whom you can’t reach on Google).

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If you want to find out more about what you can expect from advertising on Bing, call 1.800.683.7940 or contact us today for a no risk, no obligation, 100% free consultation. For existing clients, we can forecast expected results (based on historical data) on Bing for your dealership.

Matt Weinberg, Chief Strategy Officer
Matt Weinberg brings almost 20 years of automotive experience to Showroom Logic as the Chief Strategy Officer. He first ventured into the auto industry in 1994 and has spent extensive time on the retail side while working in dealerships. An avid interest in Internet sales drew Weinberg to Showroom Logic, and his passion for partnering with dealers and driving success has resulted in great success. Matt’s desire to do more than just “sell” allows him to build a rapport with customers based on trust, and has created lasting relationships with dealers and dealerships.