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5 Things Your Salesmen MUST do on every inbound call!

When a prospective customer calls into a dealership and connects with a salesman, it’s go time. That conversation is going to make or break whether or not the customer makes an appointment to come to your dealership, and whether or not they ultimately buy a car. Make sure your salesmen are owning the phone at your dealership with these 5 tips.

  • Answer the phone: The best way to start on the right foot with an inbound call is to answer it! That might sound self explanatory, but studies show that 40% of calls aren’t being picked up in the first place. Make sure your dealership has a phone bridge set up so calls can be quickly directed to your next available salesman. If it’s after hours and the salesman is out of the office, have calls forward to their cell phones so they never miss a lead!
  • Make sure to smile: I know it may sound crazy, but your salesmen should always smile while on the phone with a prospective customer. This enthusiastic energy is reflected in their voices and translated over the line. Tell them to properly introduce themselves and make sure they get the caller’s phone number immediately just in case the call gets disconnected.
  • Properly handle objections: The most common objections usually have to do with price. The key is to get the customer in the dealership before going too deep into pricing. If this kind of objection does happen, have your salesman offer a lower and higher priced option in the range of cars they are interested in. This offers the customer a choice and helps set a benchmark.
  • Set that appointment: Your salesman should be working to get an appointment on every inbound call. This also seems self explanatory, right? Wrong. Salesmen are constantly dropping the ball when it comes to making appointments. Make sure they ask for a firm appointment like, “How does Friday at 8 a.m. sound?” instead of a soft appointment like, “When can you come this weekend?”
  • Close the call properly: First, tell your salesmen to give the caller their information, and to make sure the caller pulls out a pen and paper to write it down. It reinforces the information when they do it manually. Second, have them get the caller’s email to follow up with them about the cars they are interested in, as well as remind them about their appointment time. Make sure the salesman gives them directions to the dealership so they know where they’re headed.
Rob Monson, Vice President of Marketing
With over 17 years of experience in online and traditional marketing, Rob specializes in building high-performance marketing programs for premier brands. He has held leadership roles in several high-profile organizations, including Golf Channel, 1-800 Contacts and OrangeSoda, and also served as the Vice-President of Marketing at One on One Marketing before finding his home at Showroom Logic. Rob possesses a wide range of strategic and tactical marketing experience, including broad-scale media, branding & positioning, SEM, email marketing, and conversion optimization.

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