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Digital Marketing Platform
Tailor-made display ads and dynamic paid search showcasing your real-time inventory and payment options.
Market Intelligence Platform
Our breakthrough innovation discovers market share opportunities down to the make, model and zip code.
Managed Services
Award-winning technology that seamlessly drives buyers from your advertising to your showroom.
We’ll help you pinpoint zip codes where your dealership is winning and losing sales and create a custom advertising strategy to capture market share from your competitors.
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Trusted By 1000+ Dealers Across 50 States
Sean McKannay, CIO/Digital Marketing Director
Dick Hannah Dealerships
“For several years I have supported the use of Showroom Logic at our dealer group, and we have greatly benefited from their advanced search technology. They truly work with you on a one-on-one basis to maximize results.”
Matt Dillon, Director of Internet Sales
“Showroom Logic’s advanced technology allows me to drive greater efficiency in my Paid Search and Display investment. My cost per Conversion has dropped precipitously, and allowed a much better customer experience while shopping our brand online.”
Tome Dyer, Internet Manager
Patterson Kia of Arlington
“Showroom Logic increased my shoppers by 97% while cutting acquisition costs by nearly 50%. The inventory filters make a big difference because they automatically place my vehicles into customized and unique campaigns and strategies.”
The AdLogic ROI Engine
Once we’ve used ZipDriven to make a digital battle plan for your dealership, our  AdLogic digital optimization platform and expert team take over.  Using our unique blend of paid search and display, we create a holistic advertising ecosystem for your vehicles that targets in-market shoppers and converts them to buyers at the lowest possible cost.

We do more than drive performance. We deliver market share.

Inventory-Driven Search
Dynamic Landing Page Optimization
Proprietary Display Network
Real-time Payment Display
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